Learn about the Dolphin Fish

So fun to catch and it can be on your grill or frying pan in minutes. This is one of the primary target fish down here in the waters off of Key West. Very tasty, they are sold all over town in the bars and restaurants. A little lesson on how to cut your fish is just what I needed.
Odell G.

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Early Morning Ocean Trips

The dolphin fish are so often just a wee bit confused with the larger flipper style dolphins. We only eat the dolphin-fish, aka Mahi Mahi as show in the demonstration video.

Asa A.

Florida Keys Fishing Techniques

When you fish with a good local guide you not only catch fish, but everyone on board gets to learn a whole lot about Florida Keys Fishing Techniques, which is the professional way to go. They are good here, lots of experts at finding the fish.

Helga P.


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Key West FL 33040

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