Upstairs Downstairs Cafe

Every day is different up here, as this was our third time eating up with the second floor views. If you get a table on the second floor patio during one of the festivals, that could be the ultimate in fun. The restaurant is one of the prime spots to hit for quality dishes of all types.
Terrell I.

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Upstairs Downstairs Cafe

Sure, every now and then some one down below will hoot and holler. That is the cool part, as the scene is pleasantly rowdie in the city center of Key West. Not the zany crazy place that people seem to get out on the News TV. Go with the Shrimp Ceviche or the BBQ Pink Shrimp.

Mariana E.

Martini and Patio Bar Drinking Spot

The fancy drinks shine here at this food bar. Yes, pay close attention the different cocktails on menu. These are the ones I love: Wild Cherry Cosmo and the Moonlight Martini.

Ila G.

Duval Street Upstairs Downstairs Cafe

You are going to love the Shrimp Tiradito recipe off the menu here. Of course the chefs use only key west pink shrimp and locally grown fresh squeezed key lime juice, plus cuban habanero Peppers!

Sylvester E.

Cafe Bagatelle Upstairs

115 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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