Catherine Street Cuban Cafe

Enjoy a piece of Cuba while on vacation here in Key West and experience a unique atmosphere at one of finest casual style restaurants available. El Siboney is rated five stars for the amount of food value and flavor. Family owned and operated, 100% a Key West Tradition!

Authentic Cuban Food made for you fresh daily. The owners are from Cuba and know how to prepare special sauces. Always good, they oversee every meal cooked, served, and enjoyed. It is a Very Good Florida Keys Restaurant.

This is one of the places we found on the bicycles exploring. So, we try for dinner and were very pleased with the large portions and yummy tastes. Some of the people were coming out of we ask them has to food and they just raved over it.

For late night, go with Mr Z's. I would like to go to El Siboney for a nice Cuban lunch tomorrow. There are lot of places that have this restaurant rated as a top-10 place to eat in Key West.
Herschel M.

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Big Lunch Value

The perfect Lunch Idea. Let's cut the sausage into even smaller pieces like they do at El Siboney. Sausage is so wonderfully powerful, smaller pieces would do well to enjoy it slowly. Just an idea, it does not matter either way.

Let's get some cuban sandwiches from this restaurant on Catherine Street. They have take-out. And I can get some Cafe Con Leche too! Oh is this a Local's Favorite. El Siboney has a Big Lunch Value everyday.

Rolf Q.

El Siboney Cafe and Restaurant

Cuba has long been forbidden territory although we do get to eat their recipes. We sure love the Fresh Seafood food and come here to taste the flavors. Good pricing, you'll not need to pay a pretty penny to do so. It is the Habenaro Hot Sauce Cuban Cafe.

Yeah to El Siboney! What they can do with a warm tortilla is amazing. I am big fans of the grilled pork ingredients mix, just so yummy. (1) grilled pork (2) white rice (3) habenaro hot sauce (4) fresh tomato salsa (5) sharp cheddar cheese (6) red onion escabeche (7) sliced radish (8) red beans (9) jalapenos (10) salsa fresca.

Abraham H.

Amazing Tastes keep us coming back

You can eat some really healthy food here, just make the correct choices. Start with the Sopa de Frijoles Negros (black bean soup) and get one of the salads...Ensalada Verde (green salad) or Ensalada Mixta (mixed salad). For dinner, the pick would be the Filete de Salmon a la Parilla (grilled salmon filet) or the Combinacion de Pollo y Puerco (roasted chicken and pork combo).

Benito F.

El Siboney

900 Catherine Street
Key West FL 33040

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