Family Perfect Adventure Watersports

Family Perfect Adventure Watersports

It took me a few trips to Robbie's Marina before I really could appreciate what they have to offer. My first stops where just too rushed when heading to Key West. We vacationed at the Hampton in Islamorada, that is when this nice-to-explore-location turned out to be a gem. We brought the own kayak, and they have a launch area just about forty yards from the rental launch spot. Let me remind you that this location is at mile marker 78, just past The main city center of Islamorada.

You can paddle out to indian key historic State Park, which you can see in the photograph on the far side of the Overseas Highway. The island is on the ocean side and is a true piece of history. One of the better things we recommend to all is rent a kayak from Robbie's Marina and paddle out to the secluded island of history. When you reach the island there is some primitive places to drag your kayak up. Take your time as you stroll around the village of early settlers and have a picnic on the island. The Kayaking is so nice as seeing through the water at the marine life is so engaging. Do the mangrove trails on the bayside and a few hours will be gone. If any place is paradise, this has to be it.
Phil T.

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Enjoy the Paddling

Anybody that takes the time to stop here and enjoy the paddling will be glad they did. You get a good mix of everything all within a mile or so. If the winds and waves are decently calm, take your snorkel mask and snorkel flag out with you. Do not lose your kayak by going under water and not having it tied to your wrist or anchored securely to the ground. We use kayak anchors all the time and they are pretty good. Most people probably just paddle around for an hour or two and enjoy the views. There are places to get out and stretch your legs and a bathroom near the boat ramp or else you need exit the kayak to pee the water. I would certainly wear a superlarge hat, because that's the only shade you're going to get on a nice day out. You want to be on the kayak when it's sunny so you can see that stuff down below swimming around.

Bo O.


77522 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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