Party Boat Fishing is just Fantastic

Party Boat Fishing is just Fantastic

Things could not have been better than our adventure on the Tortuga IV. What made it so special includes: a great boat ride, comedy by his shipmates, beautiful views of the island, and the great fish caught. Your fish are filleted and given to you in a plastic baggie. One suggestion is to take it directly to the Schooner Wharf Bar and the will prepare it any way you like. Try grilled and blackened, it is the perfect combo.
Ezequiel K.

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We Got Six Keepers on Our Trip

It is a really nice four hour trip, with approximately thirty minutes run time out and back. So entertaining, as in between the fish you pull up, watch everyone else bring a slue of local fish varieties up on to the boat. The trip goes quick since it is none stop action. Having two restrooms is a nice plus.

Mamie A.

Entertaining with a wide variety of fish caught

You never know what you might reel in whenever you are doing some time with poles in your hand. We went last week and caught some odd ones like the White Grunt, abundant in South Florida from shore to the ocean in depths under 75 feet.

Emile K.

Fishing for your Grilled Fresh Catch

You BBQ Grill the fish and it tastes so nice. Add in a lot of blackened spices, and cook it thoroughly. Then add on the lettuce, pickles, cold slaw, tomato, cheese and on hot toasted bun.

Marlin K.

Party Boat Fishing

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