Five Dollar Store Duval

Five Dollar Store Duval

We do it all on our trips to the Florida Keys, lots of shopping, snorkeling at the water parks, beach days, and we always rent scooters. One of the cool things we found on our most recent trip include the fantastic deals of the Duval Street Dollar Store. Boy, did we ever come back with the best gifts for everyone in the family. You can buy so much for so little, it is amazing.
Kennith D.

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What can I get for 5 Bucks

Enjoy some of the most impressive savings in the Florida Keys, when just follow the sounds of people yelling...Five Dollars, Five Dollars. In Key West you need to come here. Also, you'll want to devote a little of each afternoon to exploring everything from the seafood to island style trinkets.

Elena Q.

Gift Buying on less than Ten Dollars

So funny is the retail industry in Key West. Lots of the employees are from around the world, which is fantastic.

Sheryl T.

Shopping with five bucks works

Good music is great in a store and my family loved the atmosphere! We got so many cheap or inexpensive gifts. Thanks for the great five dollar experience!

Ruthie Y.

Where to shop for gifts in Key West

I did not get twenty-five bucks for my patio furniture and that buys a lot on Duval Street at the Five Dollar Stores. I got twenty five bucks to spend on Florida Keys Shopping Gifts! You save so much on the shopping, drinks on me!

Melanie Q.

Five Dollar Store

109 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040-6505

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