Flagler Bridge Walk

Flagler Bridge Walk

The family took the boat ride out to Pigeon Key dock, where you are greeted and begin the guided historical tour. The buildings on Pigeon Key were built to support and house the railroad construction workers. The island is good to slowly walk around to absorb the rich history, and it is very pretty. Most people prefer to walk the old railroad bridge, which is about four miles round trip. Make sure to glance down in the water and you might see some marine life in the shallow waters as you walk the Old Seven Mile Bridge. I recommend that you read one of the big articles that explains the island history in full before you take the walk out to Pigeon Key work camp. The flagler bridge walk is a must do item for your Marathon Key vacation to do list.
Garret F.

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This is one of those places that you can come each day on your vacation and have a good time. Each visit we take there's always something different going on. Sometimes there's a big bus from Miami that stops here with people from China and the rest of the world. Many people do not realize how much the Florida Keys is the loved by lots of people not just us here in South Florida. It is great to come out here with your camera or your video taping device. Sometimes you can get a fisherman that parks with his anchor tossed out just down below. Excellent it is to watch people Catching Fish from a boat and you are just above them, sort of like a tv show. I read a lot of comments about the parking lot getting filled up quite often, but we've never had a problem.

Geraldine W.

Pigeon Key

3100 41st Street
Marathon FL 33050
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