Fort Taylor Beach Park

Fort Taylor Beach Park

We do recommend everyone visiting the Key West island to go to Fort Taylor Park. You get the beach sand and a lot of shady parts for walking, picnics, and fishing. This fort was one of the deterrents to the confederate navy and was never attacked. The park is used primarily for the beach, snorkel, picnic, and Sunset Park. A lot of people bring their snorkel mask to view the fish off the rock ledges. There is a huge fish population just off the shore using the rocks as home base.
Jenny J.

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Southernmost Beach

This photograph looks like the area where you walk down the ramp system towards the beach. There's a lot of rocks and those tall saint augustine pine trees drop those hard berries that are terrible on your feet. Having boat shoes or beach shoes on is a critical element to your day. Without wearing wet shoes, I could not imagine even hardly walking down to the water. Once you get to the water everything here is fabulous. One of the things that makes this beach area so good is the water moved swiftly through the area unlike Smathers Beach. I am not as big of a fan of the water areas that are kind of stagnant, as they tend to be a little warmer and have less fish. You see more tropical fish Underwater because the water is constantly flowing fast from the gulf to the ocean or vice versa. One of the things that I have been most impressed with is water clarity and you get plenty of that here in the Florida Keys.

Emmitt E.

Fort Taylor Park

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040

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