Florida Keys Style Outdoor Furniture

Florida Keys Style Outdoor Furniture

It is just amazing how a nice porch swing or hammock swing can add mega spice to your backyard life. If you are visiting Key West, then you can browse the store and pick out your choice. Buying them online could not be any easier. There are so many neat colors and what a difference to our backyard style!
Cara N.

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Fell in love with the Caribbean Hammock Chairs

We got two of the Caribbean Hammock Chairs, as you are more upright to sip on wine or read a book. It has been about six months and they look like new and are very weather durable. The over-sized seat is nice and makes it so comfortable seat.

Dorian Q.

Everyone enjoys our Porch Swing

These are perfect for homeowners that have a swimming pool. It is great for couples and you will not believe how much my grandmother loves to rock in the chair. The Porch swings are more costly, but what a huge home improvement fix.

Ramiro B.

Tips and Tricks on your Florida Backyard

I found the perfect color and just had to keep my husband from tossing out the paint can in the garage. We use paint and dispose of the extra right away. I like a red-pink, it is the magical color! I want to check the weather before figuring out when to paint and put up. You need a dry day.

Wilmer Y.


Going to Florida gets me more into my back yard. Disney is so good about the hotel patios and the same goes for the cute Key West Hotel courtyards. I found some Adirondack chairs and a nice hammock that I want to get for the patio area. Would it be ok to have them delivered to your house? These chairs are light weight so we can take them to the beach or on camping trips.

Fancy, fancy for sure are nice outdoor chairs! I love Adirondack chairs and a hammock you can get padding for extra comfort. To me these wood chairs are stay there chairs, which is just fine. Solid wood chairs are medium heavy, but not big deal to move one hundred yards to the Shoreline. Solid wood chairs do not normally close-up skinny, so they take up room in the automobile.

Much better is the hammock out back. Those are nice for Outback big time! Get them or wait and we can look around. You can order now, as delivery here is always open. Your back yard is so important, so lets put two brains on it, not just one! Can you wait until after we visit together next weekend or after that, so I can have time to tell you my opinion. Everything outside is about no mildew, no discoloration, last forever, and no cleaning up. Poor Florida Travel Commander wants to help, but you might be right. You are smart and know what is best to do!

Elaine J.

Hammocks on Duval

717 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040
More: http://www.kwhammocks.com

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