Handcrafted Gift Shop

Handcrafted Gift Shop

I have to say how nice it is to have so many out of the country gifts. The goal is always to find something truly original, and that is what the store offers. Ladies will want to stop in here when on your bikes cruising the streets of Key West. Get timeless beauty of the handcrafted works of the local artisans.
Amy M.

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Add some Handmade Fashion

Everything in the store seems to be really unique and very colorful. This is the kind of thing you expect down here since were so close to south america and the caribbean. When it comes to fashion, why not go with something tropical and very festive to add to your wardrobe. Forget about the latest trends that you see from New York city, this is Florida. You will get plenty of style and design inspiration from checking out this great store. Whatever your style is, they've got something to add to it that will help you celebrate your self. Take your pick up some of my favorite things that remind me of those old so cool caribbean indulgences.

Garry Z.

Yours and Mayan

2109 Harris Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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