Henry Flager Coast Railway Bridge

Henry Flager Coast Railway Bridge

Bahia Honda Park has the coolest place in the Florida Keys to go swimming. You park your car just fifty yards or so from the foot of henry flager coast railway bridge. This is a real historical monument and they tell you the story inside the free park museum. I will save all the secrets of the bridge so you learn it hear first hand. Calusa Beach is the area that overlooks the Overseas Highway and the famous Henry Flagler Bridge. Swim on this side or go over to Sandspur Beach located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the park. Do not stay in one place too long at this park, since there are all kinds of activities and scenic spots to explore. Do walk up the path and go to the top of the Henry Flagler Bridge. The view is spectacular from all sides of the park.
Parker I.

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Overseas Highway

Such a pretty photo that is of the Overseas Highway. That's got to be about the best example of what the old-style Overseas Highway looked like. It is really nice to walk up on the bridge on the left side right up near the end where the break between the bridges is located. You're allowed to walk up on that side and it's part of the park infrastructure. That's a good place to take some photos of the people down below including some that are fishing or Snorkeling. I love Calusa Beach and Sandspur Beach, plus you can take the Snorkel Express out to the reef snorkel areas. I have been very impressed with this particular park every time we stopped here to check it out. There's some great trails systems along the water around the Florida Keys. We love to take advantage of the kayaks and this is a good location to go from.

Kellie Q.

Bahia Honda Bridge

36850 Overseas Highway
Big Pine Key FL 33043
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