Historic Whitehead Street Art Shop

Historic Whitehead Street Art Shop

An excellent time to browse, look, and get educated about the great history of Key West. You learn so much about the people, lives, and tough times which many went through to survive in a water-locked environment. The tropical audubon society maintains the house and nature grounds. There is a lot to learn during your sightseeing around the city. I love the restored properties that you can walk though and see the detail.
Dan V.

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Tropical Art Shop

We were very lucky to attend a private garden wedding hosted at the grounds here of this beautiful home. Everything is beautiful and so lusciously maintained. It was a great honor to witness to people committing their lives together in such a welcoming environment. They rent this place out all the time, and we had no idea until we received the invitation. The home itself was built somewhere around 1840. The tour around the property is a blessing to do and we would recommend it on a nice day when it's comfortable to spend so much time outdoors. Part of what makes this island so good is that things that you can do outside with the Island Breeze and the tall trees of shade. The historic stuff that we love a lot on the island includes Presidential Gates, eating house" class="comment-more7">Eldest Eating House, Henry Booty Singleton, and the Lighthouse Museum.

Jefferey I.

Audubon House

205 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040
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