Florida Keys Hogfish Video

This is one of the core fish species that we target on our trips out fishing in the Florida Keys. It is nice and tasty, so it is featured also by lots of the local restaurants and bars. They are out waiting for your line on the lower Atlantic of Florida and in the Gulf.
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Fishing for the Hogfish

Hogfish is as a real taste treat, we catch them consistently from Key Largo. They feature soft and tasty fillets. They are found off the reefs here in the Keys and they are widely abundant.

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Watch out for the Coast Guard Dive Flag Regulations

When you snorkel for Hogfish Spearfishing, you have to follow the Key West Coast Guard rules or they will fine you. Here are the basics on the diver flag rules like the dive flags on floats must be 12 inches by 12 inches or larger. Flag stiffener are required to keep the reef dive flag unfurled.

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