Nestled in the City Center

Nestled in the City Center

We really like the action of the city and it was a pleasure to stay so very close to everything. The four nights were just jammed full of fun, relaxation, and plenty of liquid libations! Having the bar right here at the restaurant is a huge plus. When you wake up in the morning there is action on the street already. Things never stop turning and moving in the city center, what fun.
Serena J.

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Landmark Speakeasy Inn

From the hotel you can walk down to the left and it is not that far to the beach and waterfront. This is the Southernmost Point area of Key West and you can swim off the shore. They call this the Marine Park, a designated swimming area and boats can't get near you.

Dana U.

Conch Style Casual Ambiance

We found the Speakeasy is the prime location to discover and explore the city. Oh yes, Key West is all about Natural Beauty of the islands in a relaxing atmosphere. Traditional Conch style casual ambiance to to make your stay more memorable.

Shelley V.

Rum Runner Bar in the Lobby

This area of the city is very cute and nice to make as home-base. Everything was clean and taken care as one would expect from a prime resort. It is a party zone, so plan on lots of daily surprises. Keep the Camera Ready for the perfect photo shot.

Margarita B.

Speakeasy Inn

1117 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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