Cottages on the Ocean

Cottages on the Ocean

QUESTION: We are looking for a good value on the Oceanside there on the Island of Islamorada. There are a lot to choose from, so would you pick out a good one please? ANSWER: One great thing about staying in Islamorada, since the island is so skinny, almost all of the island's hotel are on the water. We love a place that has everything you need to enjoy the ocean and fishing, plus having a kitchen is such a huge plus for a multi-night vacation stay. Here you get a nice dock area, Kayaking, Bicycle Riding, and are oh so close to some really great seafood bars!
Deandre D.

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Pines and Palms Resort

The cottages are so cute and even though they are small, it is plenty for the two of us. No dogs is good, as barking can really be bad. We tried the RV Park last year on Stock Island and the dogs just never shut up. Cottages have that nice island style.

Hallie P.

Cottages on the Ocean

It was fun here and the pool has good views over the water. Some of the units have under the building parking, which is primetime to keep the car cool. The units are not cheap, so you have to negotiate hard to get the price down a bit. What a fun town this is. The Hampton is an option, just a few properties down and they have the Tiki Bar out back. Very nice but has a high price tag.

Ethan Q.

Pines and Palms

80401 State Road 4A
Islamorada FL 33036

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