Florida Keys MM108 Bridge

Very scenic on a bright sunny day, this is the main cut through for Biscayne Bay to Gulfside or Blackwater Sound, flip-flopping by boat. The area is very popular with monthly events at Pontunes, Gilbert's Hotel & Marina, and Ancorage Resort all making this home base. Boat Ramps are at MM111 or at Gilbert's.
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Boating Tips for the Upper Keys

Do note that the boat ramp at mile marker 111 maybe changed with the road improvements. It is too small anyway, so you are better off dumping in at one of the marinas, hopefully at your hotel.

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Mile Marker 108 Bridge

The red tide status on the myfwc website is a winner for those planning trips down to the Florida Keys. It is rare, but when it happens you need to cancel your hotel room and head to Disney instead. The same goes for any waterfront vacation in Florida. You have to check the red tide status, and if you have to delay or cancel, it just happens. At least if you check the status you can call the hot line and get more information, then adjust from there. Hope this helps.

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Jewfish Creek

107690 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-3101

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