Key Lime Pie Headquarters

Key Lime Pie Headquarters

One has lots of choices for key lime pie when visiting Key West, as it seems like there is a shop on every corner. The favorite is Kermit's market, they know how to do it right and have won plenty of key lime pies contests. He is a wonderful person and has that winning Key Lime Pie recipe. You can buy all sorts of great and yummy treats at his award winning key lime Pie Shop. Key Lime Pie goes great with a frozen mudslide blended with absolut vodka and irish cream liqueur served smoothie style. We have some really big stars in the community!
Betsy J.

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Key Lime Pie Recipe

I love the shops of the island and this just might be my favorite of all. It is almost impossible to walk past the shop without going inside. It is not just the Key Lime Pie that makes this place special as he has an assortment of excellent products which make great gifts. My favorite thing to buy here is chipotle key lime barbecue sauce which comes in a sixteen ounce bottle. I use his sauces on my beef products at home since it makes it so tropical. The key lime mustard dipping sauce is equally as good, and really good for vegetables to be dipped in. I cut a bunch of vegetables up like radishes, carrots, celery, and dip them in his sauces. They have some really good shortbread cookies which go excellent with coffee. The shop does sell coffee too by the way which you can get richer by, cookies or with the candy. They do not hide their Key Lime Pie recipe and they sell the secret ingredients!

Camille E.

Chef Kermit

200a Elizabeth Street
Key West FL 33040
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