Key West Bicycle Sightseeing Locations

Key West Bicycle Sightseeing Locations

You cannot go wrong with a bike or scooter when in town for some fun on the island. The White Street Pier is one of the neatest things since you can ride your bicycles out to the end. Locals call the White Street Pier the highway to cuba. On bicycles do go to the highest part of the six hundred block of angela street and you are on the top of Key West! There are zillions of Bicycle Sightseeing locations on the island.
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Bicycle Riding Ideas

Things are a lot of fun when you're cruising around on your bicycle on this one of a kind island. We live in Naples Florida and come here quite often for vacations because they are so fitness oriented. Bring your bicycles on your bike rack and your trip will be a lot better than just using your two feet. I do enjoy scooters, however you do not get any exercise and you will still sweat plenty when you stop at traffic lights. The overseas bicycle pathway is a fantastic thing to have and goes right here by the White Street Pier. Just to the right of the pier is Martello Beach Park and across the street is the Bocce Ball courts. If you keep going down about another three blocks towards Duval Street, another great place to stop is called Higgs Park. I can never run out of bicycling ideas around this city. Be sure to follow the bicycle locking rules.

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White Street Pier

1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-4883
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