Key West Fishing Locations

Key West Fishing Locations

There is no better place for a day of fishing. What an outstanding 4-hour boating voyage we had and even caught a bunch of fish to top it off. The captain and skippers make it so easy, giving you everything necessary to land some keepers. Legend has it that the best fishing is today's catch! It is great fun to go out at least once and hopefully twice or more if we stay a week.
Avery D.

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Fishing Locations

Catching Fish is a lot of fun when the action keeps going pretty much nonstop. We thought the whole trip was a complete blast and would recommend the Party Fishing boat to everybody. We have done all the good fishing places around Florida and nothing really tops this area because of the water clarity. The boat will anchor up at all the places that the captain thinks will produce fish. Is pretty good when you can fish off the bottom. There's not a whole lot of complications to this type of fishing. You put your bait on the hook, which is weighted down with a large lead weight, and drop it to the bottom. Once the weight hits the bottom, you real up about a foot or so which is where the fish swim. We caught one big one and from the moment the line became tight, I knew this was going to be something fun to catch. Quite a few people caught sharks, but they're not keepers. The yellowtail is what we wanted and that's what we got.

Alyson C.


951 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040
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