Harris Park Boat Ramp in Tavernier

Your best bet for dumping your boat or kayak in Key Largo or Tavernier is here. This boat ramp allows you to circle the island using Tavernier Creek and Adam's Cut. Parking for trailers is limited. On the weekends it fills up very quickly, but Monday-Friday has not been a problem.
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Key Largo Area Boatramps

It may not stay this way, but the ramp has been free during the week. Only weekends do you pay, or during a major holiday. We assume if no one is in the booth it is free.

Robert V.

Dump in Here to Explore Key Largo

Super starting point for the Upper Florida Keys boater or kayak. This place is beautiful. One of the best Boat Ramps spots for those in Tavernier or Key Largo.

Rodolfo Y.

Fishing locations with or without a boat

Another option is go on a charter Fishing Trip, and they do the work and deal with the boat. There are half-day trips, which is what I recommend for the first time taker. They usually go from 8am to noon or 1pm. We have so many good local fishing charter captains.

Dustin A.

Fishing the waters of the Florida Keys

When we go out in the ocean we tend to target King Mackerel, Blue Marlin, and Tripletail. Closer to shore and path reefs plan to catch Bonefish (shallow water), Yellowtail Snapper, Barracuda, and Sheepshead (near docks and bridges). And be sure to stop by and see the Cudjoe Key Fisherman's Warehouse (Mile Marker 22.5 or cudjoesales.com) for all things fishing.

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Lots to learn about Tavernier Island

Pick up some breakfast for the boat trip at the Upper Florida Keys McDonald's. Easy to find at 91400 Overseas Highway (Mile Marker 91) as part of Tavernier Town Plaza. Love the menu and we like to pick up the Old Fashion Buttermilk Biscuit & Jelly, Egg Cheese & Bacon Biscuit, Hot Cinnamon Bun, Fried Hash Browns Potatoes, and the Breakfast Burrito Mix with Sausage. This is the Cheap Tavernier Breakfast Restaurant.

Aubrey M.

Upper Keys Boat Ramps

The Sunset Point Park Boat Ramp is back up near mile marker 95, bayside. It is a primitive one lane ramp spot at 20 Sunset Point Park and no boat-trailer parking, but is fine to take your trailer back to the hotel.

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Tavernier Boat Ramp

55 East Beach Drive
Tavernier FL 33037
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