Top Spots for a Kayak Rental

This is too cool as just a few miles in from the top of the Florida Keys is this kayak rental place. There is plenty of parking and you get all set up and take off right here. This is the kayak launching area. They sell everything and this is nice to try, rent, or buy.

A kayak rental is a fantastic thing to do. One of the things I like is they have a big truck that can take you upwind. Much easier it is to take a long voyage when you have the wind at your back and you are paddling gently. You can enjoy more of mother nature as you cruise along and are not fighting the wind.

The people here are super professional I know everything about make your experience the best. Picking out a rental is easy, and they will show you how to do it in a hurry so there's not a lot of wasted time. There's so many great kayak locations that if you bring your own, you can try a lot of different parts of the islands.

For those who haven't had an opportunity to do this this is the best place to rent a kayak and enjoy the activities. It's not too far from the Key Largo Party Boat area and the dockside big hill bar is a little further up the keys.
Oren L.

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Calm Water makes it so Great

That Rattlesnake Key area is very nice to paddle. I guess any of the places that has some mangrove trails to poke around in. Take your GPS and Google Phone, but it is very fun and safe.

Shawna U.

Places to put on a Big Smile

This is a sure thing for a fantastic time! Do it when the winds are under 8 mph.

Adam N.

Good times on the water and at the bars

All is good on vacations down here. We stayed over at Dove Creek Lodge (147 Seaside Avenue) and did some Kayaking from the Hotel Dock. You certainly want to kayak in this town. Key Largo has some really neat waterfront restaurants.

Josefina S.

Kayak Rental

Forget the charter boats as the prices and joy Kayaking is the way to go. You can even take guided tours, spreading out the costs among the group of people. Key Largo has so many excellent opportunities to take advantage of the water and soak in the Natural Beauty. You can fish from the kayaks here in the back country and on the flats, so cool.

Kennith D.

Top Spots in Key Largo for a Kayak Rental

What a fine location. You can do both, as they offer kayak and canoe rentals and sales too. A great place to bring your family, try out a kayak. Take a peek at the Seda, Heritage, Wilderness Systems, Old Town, and many more. What is good is the location where you can really try before you buy.

Marquis A.

Florida Bay Outfitters

104050 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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