Island Gift Shop

This shop packs a huge punch for the world of the islands. I like to get a bunch of small items for my friends back in North Florida. Everyone loves the shopping down here. Lots of home decor, clothing, gifts, and trinkets to choose from.

Seems like I always get some good and cheap t-shirts here. The store sticks out so much with all the things they put outside. They have signs on US1 to remind you. It is the Gift Center of the Upper Keys.

Some stores just know how to come up with the coolest things. Simple pleasures on the Overseas Highway! This is my kind of stuff and just right for an island rich in sport fishing, cocktails, and watersports. Shopping for Gifts in Key Largo is excellent.

We enjoy the signs that you see when you come down the Overseas Highway to get you fired up to shop. Gift Buying on the Islands is too fun. The upper keys has a bunch of nice places and the Tower of Pizza Cafe, home of the huge slices.
Chandra M.

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Key Largo Gift Store

I bought a nice fake palm tree here, it lights up with led lighting. It just needed a special key lime twist, so I found a nice green cloth to substitute for the bottom of the palm tree. Neat things like you can get in the Florida Keys just makes me smile back home in Miami. They even have Papa John's Pizza in the upper keys.

These florida storms can sure wake up the trees and the waves. While out shopping at the Gift Store at Mile Marker 102, A huge tree piece fell down and just missed the Hilton Hotel building structure. It missed by just a few feet, and I heard the thud when it landed. It was some old dead wood way up high in the front tree. I figured you might have some branches down too. It did not seem too bad, but it sure brought down old wood over here.

Markus G.

All Sorts of Creative Gifts

Oh yes, they have all the cool gifts that represent the islands. We picked up a bunch of things to use as gifts for guests. It goes perfectly here in South Florida. I really like the Key West Mouse Pads, plus tons more: Southernmost Point Coconut - Conch Republic Pot Holder - Fish Bottle Opener - Key West Aloe - Sea Turtle Soap - Sea Turtle Mailbox Wrap - Authentic Shipwreck Coins - Conch Republic Shot Glasses - Florida Keys Souvenirs - Coconut Head Pirate - Mile Marker 0 Beach Towels - Tropical Fish Ladies Tote Bag - and Shipwreck Replica Jewelry.

Darius A.

Florida Keys Gift Company

102421 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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