Expect to see plenty at Key West Beach

Expect to see plenty at Key West Beach

What a cool part of town, right on the scenic bicycle pathway. Expect to see plenty at Key West Beach (Higgs Beach), this is the local's Beach Park. There is historic tributes, picnic areas, Bocce, and the Key West Marine Park. All sorts of people enjoy this part of the island and the sightseeing is excellent, including the Shipwreck memorial.
Earnest L.

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Locals say good job on Historical Sightseeing

There is a big history and loads of stories over the shipwrecks here in the Florida Keys. It really is amazing and we are so glad the city does a good job of highlighting this here at the park.

Mamie U.

Join the Key West Bocce League

Join the Key West Bocce League. We are currently gathering information on new players, team rosters, and team pictures. A very fun sport and we drink beer while playing! It is a hoot!

Maritza G.

Secret Spots for Key West Locals

Here, the locals are out each day, and activities are thriving. There are no wave on these islands unless a boat flies by. Certainly this is a place with plenty of unique beach culture. It is good to get away from Duval Street. See the whole town and Truman Annex, places the tourists typically pass by.

Fermin S.

Higgs Park

1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040
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