Bocce Games in Key West

Just too fun is the best way to describe an evening of Bocce here. This place packs them in like no place we know of in Florida. The players range from the novice beginner to the ultra competitive Bocce professionals, or at least they think so! To join, just read the rules on line and then come on out.

We play open Bocce here in Key West at indigenous park. Using eight balls and the target ball pallina. Just roll the Bocce closest to the pallina, that is the simple version. Use two balls per person on a four member team. Two players from each team on each side and you play to sixteen, best two out of three games! Study up on the indigenous park Bocce rules.

The game is a blast because the people and residents of the island are so cool. This is one of the things that keeps you sane! There is a sweet guesthouse right there next to the Bocce courts, the Atlantis House. The White Street Pier is in this area and has nice waterfront viewing. Nothing tops bowling Florida Keys style.
Luther W.

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Key West Bocce Rules of Play

Thanks for the information and pointing me to the Bocce rules for key west:, url link below to click. It really is so easy to understand, no executing good shots after happy hours could be challenging!

Julius S.


1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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