Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach

This place is right on the money for a hotel booking. It is all about the location, and so pretty are the hotel rooms. We usually only come down for two or three night so paying a little bit extra for something worthwhile to is just what we like best. Make sure you bring your bicycles to enjoy all of the sightseeing adventures without having to rent something.

Not too far from the Southernmost Point is a waterfront area blocked by hotels to auto traffic. Once you start Touring Key West on bicycles, cool little places like this will pop up. If you stay at the Coconut Beach Resort, you will know exactly where it is!

What a nice part of the island to swim and this location is inside the Key West Marine Park, a designated swimming only zone.
Felix W.

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Swimming Area in Key West

Water Toys add spice to the Ocean. The water around the city is just so calm nearly all of the time. Except for where the big boats and the cruise ships come in and out (by the Port of Key West), most of the water is so friendly and relaxing. Bring a float-able raft and just lazy around on the water for a little while. Things like that to me are such a special treat.

Vicky U.

Coconut Beach Swim Zone

The hotel is situated at roughly the middle spot of the Marine Park. We like to kayak in the Florida Keys. When you paddle out, the water makes that subtle switch from Caribbean-like turquoise to midnight blue as the water depth increases. Definitely, a kayak trip is a super thing to do.

Debra Y.

Alberta Street Beach Shoreline

The Coconut Resort on Alberta Street is just the finest place to stay to enjoy the Oceanside of the City. It is just magical to be able to see out over the water from our hotel room. The waterfront hotels are the way to book when you Stay in the Florida Keys. We are also close to the Bocce ball courts!

Ike V.

Coconut Beach

1500 Alberta Street
Key West FL 33040

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