Yummy Fast Food in Key West

It's a great spot when you're ready for some hamburgers and French fries. It's one of the good places that's open twenty-four hours a day can as you might be coming down here arriving late or leaving at the crack of dawn and need some food in a hurry.

The breakfast choices a really good. Some of my favorites include the Breakfast Burrito Mix with Sausage, Egg Cheese and Bacon Biscuit, Deluxe Egg and Cheese Breakfast, plus the Bacon Egg & Cheese McGriddles.

One of the largest operations in the world has a fantastic outlet down in Key West off Roosevelt. Competition is huge down on the island for fast food and the overall restaurant dollars. This is what comes to mind today, tomorrow the burger order could change a little!
Zackary G.

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Downtown Sandwich and Salad Shop

Neat is to see the scooters go through the drive through window. It just is very rare and gets a smile out of me. The children's Playground is a big hit with the kids in our crew.

Great menu, quick and fast. The best of cheap Key West breakfast cafes is this. I love the egg mcmuffin sandwich or the deluxe egg and cheese breakfast. Very popular is the cheese egg and sausage mcgriddles and the tasty hot cinnamon bun. It is the cheap Key West breakfast cafe. A little better, with a little more cash is Sarabeth's, very good.

Monty U.

Sweet deal of the Month

They have been running a deal on the classic regular hamburgers on Tuesday. That is the Sweet Deal of the Month, so that is the only time I actually ever go to the restaurant. I take the basic burger and build it up with even more vegetables (thick slices of onion, tomato, pickles, and fat free cole slaw). Then each one is huge and very low in caloric density. Yes, low caloric from a Hamburger!

Thomas A.


3704 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-4533

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