Fresh Seafood by the Pound

Fresh Seafood by the Pound

We went out on the Tortuga Party Fishing Boat and had a bunch of fresh fish to cook at the hotel tiki bbq. If you do not get to fish, this is the retail store to pick some up. It is nice to have a few different sauces to use on your fish dinners. You can pick from a bunch of different styles. I like to dip the fish and conch fritters in multiple sauces to give them more flavor.
Beth B.

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Where to Buy Fresh Caught Fish

During stone crab season from October to May the store has an array of claws cooked and placed on ice. Yellowtail Snapper is the featured fish of the Florida Keys, as it is always fresh and available all year round.

Karl D.

Eaton Seafood Market

801 Eaton Street
Key West FL 33040

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