Wind Forecast Key West

Wind Forecast Key West

Everyone will enjoy the way the weather news on tv shows the ten day key west weather forecast. They have an option for showing the 10-day wind speeds, which is what we need to plan for boating around the island. You do not want to get caught up in the rain like we did on the fantastic Fury Boat Ride.

The sale both want the wind but pretty much everybody else would prefer not to have it. Both sunset sailboat rides are fantastic and the fury company is very professional. When you going out to the reefs and doing scuba diving or Snorkeling, you really don't want wind at all.

Check the wind forecast before you do anything on the water and make sure you know what's going to happen. The worst cases you stay on land and eat some of the Best Ever Conch Fritters and do the shopping scene. If it's for me and just too crazy then head Peppers of Key West or take a photograph in front of the Antique Key West Postcard to send back to your friends at home.

You just don't want to risk it out on the water when the waves and storms are against you. Mother nature wins every time.
Alberto S.

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Know the Winds in the Keys

Hi...Let's get our July or worst case Key West weekend trip worked out. I have Mile Marker Fever! The winds in the late summer are fine, plus too unpredictable to worry about. Just book the hotel reservation please!

Justin K.

Watching the Wind and Weather

I do not think you need to come up this weekend since we are having a tropical wave in the lower keys. It is very dark here. Plus, I might have to work late on Friday too at the Hurricane Bar in Marathon. This is the spot for live music this weekend.

Debbie L.

Wind Forecast

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