Boat Ramp at the Kon Tiki

Boat Ramp at the Kon Tiki

With an excellent boat ramp for guest usage, this is a dream spot for watersports and boating. The water was just so breathtaking, we took so many photos during the day and each evening around the island. You get lots of reefs and fishing landmarks to target out on the boat, Alligator Reef is a sweet location nearby. Boaters will completely be happy with the location.
Claudette W.

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Dock tie up on 2 Sides

You will want to pull the boat out of the water and put it on the trailer whenever bad weather is pending. The dock is not where you can tie up on all four sides. Maybe that will change. You need very secure tie up for 35mph winds.

Barton B.

Subtropical Boating Hotel

Fun part of the islands, as mile marker 80 to 84 is just loaded with things to do. It is the heart of the city, where they have the big monthly Art Walk Party. We love that.

Sabrina B.

Kon Tiki Ramp

81200 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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