Cocktails at the Dockside Kraal

Cocktails at the Dockside Kraal

Since we visit this fine restaurant and bar every single time we vacation in Key West, it goes without saying how high we rate it. We are biased, since you will find us enjoying the daily happy hour (4pm to 6:30pm) for excellent mixed drinks, beer, wine, and appetizer specials. The view and food make a spicy mix. Things we get and devour: smoked fish dip, conch fritters, and king crab.
Raphael Z.

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Historic Seaport Food by the Water

There are certain places that the soup and salad are the big hitters, it is perfect here on the island. Try the Bahamian Conch Chowder and the Large Signature Salad! Start with the cool salad (plenty to split between two) then have the chowder, split that dish as well.

Frankie E.

We Love the Live Entertainment

Zack Seemiller puts on a really nice live music act for the bar crowd. He is Very Entertaining and fits in perfectly here in Key West. Happy hour food prices are nice and low.

Daphne P.

Daily Live Music at this Waterfront Bar

Great page, and I do like you having comments on all new places to go. You have a good handle and focus on User-Generated Content. Feedback from customers is the best way to learn about it. You learn the true story about the best restaurants and happy hours.

Jefferson O.

Bring your fresh caught seafood to grill and eat

Our great city is nice as you really never have to make reservations for most of the restaurants. Dress is casual here and you have many choices along the Seaport...Upstairs at Turtle Kraals is the best. There is ample parking at the lots behind the complex, but treat yourself to a bicycle cab so you can relax! Also, you can bring your fish catch and give it to the cook to grill up for you.

Trey M.

Turtle Kraals Dockside

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040

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