Finding the Live Music in the Florida Keys

Our whole existence in the keys after five o'clock is finding a cool live music spot! We like this bar a lot and now we are tight with the staff. Enjoy the tunes, as they have lots of great people play here. We typically arrive towards the end of happy hour, it is jamming by then.
Lyndon J.

reader feedback

Always a top party spot

One of the afternoons is jazz, but they have a nice mix of talented artists here on the water. Zany Dave is super, so is Scott Kirby and Dewayne Mcgregor.

Kerri V.

Count us in for Drinks-Seafood

This is the one restaurant I would like to go to. It looks fantastic. And they have a nightlife bar too.

Daren F.

Recommendations for Key Largo Restaurant Dining

One of the better places in town for seafood, live music, and cold brews. Boat friendly, a super place that is Always a good Time. We also would recommend Chubs and Subs. Here are some of the great subs: The Classic Italian, Make-Your-Own, Surf's Up, Meatless Magic, The Cali Club, The Hot Chick, The Philly, The Meatball Monster, Tree's Turkey Bomb, and Killer BLTs.

Donn J.


139 Seaside Avenue
Key Largo FL 33037

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