Nachos Patio Bar

Nachos Patio Bar

The word is out and everyone knows and recommends Salsa Loca as a Top-10 Rated Casual Spot for Key West Dining. It starts with the service and ends with big portions of outstanding Mexican focused food. But of course, this is the Florida Keys and they spice things up with an island twist. We would not have expected less. They thrilled us with their Shrimp Fajita Quesadilla and signature dish the Key West Burrito. The only question is do we come back tomorrow or the next day!
Buck J.

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A sweet food and music combo

Wow...did we ever enjoy our meal and dining experience at Salsa Loca. What a creative mix of food, atmosphere, and cocktails with a smile. Mexican treats are the name of the game here.

Graham W.

Key West Nachos Patio Bar

Oh yes, they spread a fiery hot mixture over the nacho chips. I am a fan of the grated cheddar cheese used on top. You can watch them put your order in the oven until cheese is melted and browned. A true Nacho delight and The Best Recipe ever.

Mose V.

Where to get Nachos in Key West

Since Saturday is Cinco de Mayo I am going to Salsa Loca and let them make some nachos to celebrate. Any excuse for a party in the Keys, it is a nachos friendly weekend. Yeah!

Larry N.

Meat Bean and Cheese Burrito

One of the best around Meat Bean & Cheese Burrito. Many times the simple ingredients make the best food tastes. Mixes nicely ground Beef, seasoned slow-cooked refried beans, melted jack cheese, hot sauce, and some warm flour tortillas. Another good place is El Siboney, love the burritos there.

Faith G.

Soft Taco Super Menu Winner

Nothing is wrong with a Soft Taco. These have mega amounts of Ground Beef. Yes, seasoned ground beef with jack cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh salsa, and hot sauce.

Davis B.

Pico de Gallo Cafe and Bar

The winner here is the Pork Burrito, with grilled pork, Peppers, chilies, onions, and secret ingredients like chopped cilantro. They make very good pico de gallo. The salsa comes in mild to radar-red hot. I love the tacos, rice with freshly simmered pinto beans.

Hattie Y.

Salsa Loca

623 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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