Molasses Reef Dive

Very fun place and really active with boaters, both private boats and the local dive shop snorkel trips. The National Data Buoy Center does a nice job of keeping and updating everything about the reef. The Trips to the Reefs are fun, just know the wind, water clarity, and the weather by the hour.
Bonita C.

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Florida Keys Data Buoy Center

Nice dive spot. Go after noon to get a stronger sun shining down into the water. Florida Keys Data Buoy Center has an excellent web site for data, but has all the videos! Nice job.

Ignacio C.

Shallow Reefs Ideal for Snorkeling

Our scuba group always goes to Doc's Diner, serving very Good Food and you can just walk over from Key Largo Harbor. Yes, less than five minutes for the hotels: Marina del Mar, Key West Inn, Bayside Inn, Hilton, and the Marriott near the dock entrance. I like to get the Fiesta Skillet.

Ashlee D.

Conch Reef and Wall was cool

The main decision each trip is Shipwreck or reef, take your pick, and many are both! Most people just let the reef trip captain to decide. Have a plan and ask for Conch Reef and Wall if you want a big challenge. It is a deep diving location that is more advanced in 50 plus feet range.

Heather A.

Dive Sites to Enjoy

Try the Benwood, which is on the map between French Reef and the Dixie Shoals in depths from 10 to 60 feet. Another winner for scuba is the City of Washington. This is one of the old Shipwreck sites, not far from Elbow Reef.

Shirley Y.

Reef Park Recreation Center

Divings starts very shallow and slopes its way down to a maximum depth of sixty feet. This is a great spot to enjoy the Key Largo Sanctuary Preservation Area. If you're looking for a day of fun with your dive buddies, go to the Upper Florida Keys. We went on the boat trip and the reef is located six miles Southeast of Key Largo.

Penelope Z.

Molasses Reef

99701 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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