Dead End Pigeon Key

Dead End Pigeon Key

Enjoy a guided tour and the museum. One of the neatest photo opportunities is the dead end sign before the end of the bridge, where a car would fall into the ocean if allowed to pass. Lovingly preserved is this looks-like-it-did-then work camp for the flagler railroad Overseas Highway construction. You just have to stop at the train car gift shop on the ocean side just before the long Seven Mile Bridge to purchase a ticket to Pigeon Key Park. Just ahead a big section of the bridge has been purposely removed from the linear marvel. The long scenic walk out on the Old Seven Mile Bridge is a must do in Marathon Florida key. You can walk the island, bring a picnic, or even snorkel right from the from the pigeon key dock. You can get a really nice boat ferry ride to this famous Island Park.
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Journey to Flagler Island

Very good is the walkway path that takes you out to the little tiny island where the work camp workers of the past used to live. It can get kind of hot out here so make sure you wear a big hat. You are one of those hats that has a tie feature underneath, or else the winds can take your hat and put it over the side of the bridge. If you have bicycles, that is the best way to cruise out here and enjoy the breeze. This park connects directly into the Overseas Highway bicycle path, so you could ride here from your hotel and not have to deal with the crowded parking lot. Make sure you realize there's no bathrooms along the journey.

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Pigeon Key Park

1 Knights Key Boulevard
Marathon FL 33050
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