Instructional Paddle Board

Instructional Paddle Board

Post this video to all and they can see how easy it is to use a paddle board. We rent them out in Key West. You just get your balance with two hands and get to your knees on the board. Then, gentely raise up until you are fully standing over the board. Put a big smile on your face and start to paddle!
Danny T.

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Girls do Paddle Boards Easy too

The Florida Keys Paddle Boarding locations are just about anywhere the water is consistently flat. Which is about every where here. Pick a warm day, since you are going to get wet.

Bradley C.

It is very easy to do

I really liked it, what a new competition for paddlers like a kayak. All of the local higher-caliber athletes are doing it. See more people and skilled competitors at the festivals and contests in the waters this summer.

Aubrey Q.

Entertainment on the water in Key West

This is one of the things you cannot get enough of. Paddling is so much easier than get a boat ready, plus cleaning, and maintenance. You see lots of nature, things jump and swim all around the kayak and you can see stuff down into the water. The staff is excellent. Happy Hour there on the water (2 for 1 drinks) has half price on: Conch Fritters, Chicken Fingers, Smoked Fish Dip, and more.

Alma H.

Lazy Dog Paddle

5106 Overseas Highway
Key West FL 33040

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