Fishing for Permit

Here is a super video to post to your website on Fishing for permit in the Florida Keys. We love doing things like this, as Key West is way more about the nature and marine life than is the bar scene. Do not think we do not love the bars and live music, but one must appreciate what got this whole entertainment thing going. I sure hope this helps inspire some beginning Florida anglers!

On the flat-calm days in the Florida Keys you will have good luck looking for them hanging out near the surface in debris fields. This type of fish has big eyes and can see so well under and above the water line. Be careful not to spook them. I would say to try near full and new moon periods. Do learn how to fish for keys permit.

I think you will like Key West. The Fishing and overall oddities make it special. This kind of thing is history, to be shared forever. What a great spot. The odd Things to see in Key West are top notch. Use live bait for higher catch numbers.
Demetrius H.

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Have you landed a Permit Fish

July is the time to join the local anglers fly-fish on the flats for Permit. This tournament honors the late Key West angling pioneer Del Brown. Professional fishing captains and guides are allowed to compete as well. Boats leave the tournament dock at 7:30am and the game is on!

Geraldo N.

Fresh Catch Fishing for Seafood

We cook seafood just about every day. I have a few new recipes for you to savor. Shrimp has been my recent focus, as it is so easy when you buy it the pink shrimp deveined, cleaned, and with the tail-off.

Kayla H.

Permit Fishing

1404 Ashby Street
Key West FL 33040

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