Pet Parade Contest

Happy times are here for you and your dogie, as this is one of the coolest events held in Key West. People come up with the craziest ways to dress as a team. Yes, the owners are part of the zany parade festival too! Yes is the answer to, Are dogs ok on a trip down to the Florida Keys!

It is a blast and family oriented so children can enjoy the magic of the event. Pet lovers will not want to miss the Pet Fair and Parade, and all pets welcome. It is a super show, with trophies, door prizes, and cocktails.

The best event in Key West for Pet Lovers. Let's work on the Lion King Kitty's outfit. I have some good ideas for the upcoming Pet Parade and want to have the Lion King Kitty ready to win the prize! Yes, this is not just for dogs. Many people do not realize that. Yes, they allow Cats at the Pet Parade too!
Ofelia V.

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Oh so Fun is this one

Please do not just dress up your dog. No, everybody has to get dolled up to be part of this event. What a hoot!

St Petersburg does a big event for dogs too. It is called the The Pet Food Warehouse Festival of Pets, but is not as good since everyone is drinking booze in the Duval Street Pet Parade! We love The Pet Food Warehouse Festival of Pets, but this is better.

Timmy M.


Lion King kitty is staying at the clinic tonight and they are not going to charge me extra. I am going to call at 6:00am and probably pick him up around 8:00am. They want to get him better so he can start eating. I do not know, just an opinion.

Cats are a lot of trouble but add so much to my life. Because cats are population controlled and so many healthy cats are killed each month, it is better to adopt a healthy cat and let the very sick end there lives.

Phil E.

Pet Parade

1500 Reynolds Street
Key West FL 33040

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