Cruise Ship Boarding at the Port

Cruise Ship Boarding at the Port

Unloading and boarding the cruise ships at the docks of Key West could not be any easier. Everything is right there, so a good pair of walking shoes and a shade hat is all you need. That reminds me of how popular the hat shop in the middle of the Mallory Square Shopping Center (one block north), as you will see tourists trying hats on by the mirror all day long. If you choose to rent bicycles and explore, the city has an unbelievable amount of shade trees, so nice for keep your tours cool.
Ivy U.

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Must Do Boat Zone

All vacationers love taking a leisurely stroll along the seaport. There is a nice walkway all along the seaport. You can stop and watch the boats go out. You can have a nice lunch here and enjoy some live music. There are some great happy hour activities here too. The seaport is a Key West Must Do.

Cathryn T.

Seeing the Boats and Waterfront

Come out for some very nice waterfront sightseeing, and everyday something different is going on over here. This port just bustles with activity and boats, both large and small use this for dockage.

Jack M.

Downtown Waterfront Tourist District

We were on that boat! It was our chance to celebrate our Florida vacation with friends Caribbean style! From the boat you can really see crystal clear waters. Once you exit, rent a bike and head to Smathers, Fort Taylor, or any of the other local sun drenched beaches.

Marcelino U.

Sightseeing and Docking at the Port

Why do we not dredge the channel deeper? We need a deep harbor dredging to remove sediment and keep the main channel to a controlling depth that can handle the large Disney Ships. Big and deep, means plenty safe for ships and passengers. More passengers is good for us all in the charter fishing and island wide hospitality industries.

Werner R.

Port of Key West

245 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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