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This town is perfect for adults that wish to have the best of times. The Duval Crawl Pub Tour is a blast and everyone must do this one at least once. The ticket price is reasonable, as you get an excellent experience and a nice little buzz for a bonus.

Yes, you do get to have a few sips of adult cocktails along the way. Pick your drink it each spot. We will be back and do this again during our next Key West vacation.

The comedy is good and you will enjoy live music along the way. Yes, this is a good one and we had a wonderful time. For the price, you just can't beat this value. The drinks are bonus, you are on vacation so go ahead and indulge. Another great tour that is similar as cocktails are provided, the Ocean Commotion is a dynamite sunset boat voyage.
Vernon E.

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Get a free drink at each Bar Stop

These fun events are the best. I have been keeping up with local events using the sign up email alert or tweet from Monroe County. Once you set it up you get a nice confirmation email: Thank you for subscribing to Monroe County's News & Announcements.

Rosalinda H.

See all of the Top Key West Bars

At each stop, everyone gets staying here some humor and detail about the various establishments. Also, each person gets a ticket so they can get a drink at the bar. It's just outrageous!

Wendell V.

The best vacation events ever

I love the Duval Crawl! You meet so many people. April has been so fun with The Taste of the Islands, Kids Day at Holiday Isle, Islamorada Spring Bonefish Tournament, Conch Republic Independence Celebration, World Sailfish Championship, and the best of all the Taste of Key West.

Emmett T.

Where to go drink in Key West

Ask for the Bone Island Iced Tea with spiced rum, coke, fresh lemon and key lime juice. You will get really strong drinks at the bars on the tour. Very fun and perfect for party drinking adults.

Some of the old stuff you want to see: (1) Eduardo H. Gato House (2) Robert Frost Cottage (3) Joseph Porter House (4) Mallory Square (5) Southernmost House. Lots of the better sightseeing is off of Duval, save it for drinking! When you get hungry, the Roof Top Cafe has a fantastic Grilled Shrimp Quesadilla with all the goodies inside (jack cheese, avocado, black beans, salsa & sour cream).

Rae G.

Pub Crawl Duval

422 Fleming Street
Key West FL 33040

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