Food Stop for all is Publix

We have found that the Key West Publix is the best way to go for stocking up the condo refrigerator. You know, you just got to town and need to get the perishable basics. Milk, beer, apples, deli meats, and alike. They seem to not hit you with the island up-charge, same prices as all of Florida. I like that.
Allison D.

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Island Food Shopping Market

Part of the Key West experience is the little places, the classics. I like Fausto's Food Palace, it is a pleasure to shop there. It was here long before Publix and Winn-Dixie hit the street scene.

Ofelia Y.

Key West Pink Peeled and Deveined Shrimp

Publix has boneless-skinless chicken on sale until Weds. Also, peeled and deveined shrimp too. There are always deals and two-for-one stuff on-sale. Our family dinner table wants some shrimps!

Mari S.

Local Island Grocery Store

I will be down on Friday for the Key West Festival. I get off from work at 2:00 on Friday. I am already packed. I just did not unpack from the other weekend. Please go to Publix and get some grill fixins - burgers for the 4th. Publix should have your favorite food on sale this week - fresh made apple pie for the 4th of July. Yeah! Yeah!

Benedict A.

Fresh Fish Retail at Publix

Ironically, I bought 2% milk today and two cases of Budweiser at Publix! It has not even been opened. I am making spaghetti tonight, just one option if you are hungry when you arrive. I can also whip up key west fish tacos, and I have everything for nachos. Plus, I have a special shrimp dish too!

Kenton Z.

Grab the Groceries at Publix

Ok, Publix Beer, that sounds like a plan. I think it is a great idea for you to down here for New Year's. We might be able to go someplace to see the fireworks - Higgs Beach, Hyatt, or out at the Simonton Street Beach. If we went to the beach, we could do a car/bike combo. Park the car at the Publix off Kennedy and bike the rest of the way to avoid the traffic jam. Just an idea. I am thinking of getting some rum for the holidays, to make some rum punch like at Captain Tony's.

Rhett Z.

Publix has the best Salsa

Publix rules on the nacho fixings, something I always want. I use the salsa from Publix that is in the vegetable area of the store (refrigerated salsa). You will also need sweet onion (the big onions), cheese, jalapeno, and cilantro. I try to make it like the yummy Salsa Loca of Key West. This is a sweet restaurant.

Casandra O.

My Grocery Store in Key West

We go to both Publix and Fausto's Food Palace. Publix has a lot of 2 for 1 specials, while Fausto's has lots of gourmet and specialty foods. Being the key old town grocery store is a big advantage.

Harry R.


3316 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-4115

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