Old Town Mini Market

Old Town Mini Market

This one stop shop has just about anything you need. We always forget something like tooth paste and bottled water is just the right size for the bicycle bottle holder. Island life is so nice since you can buy a beer and carry it with you walking around legally. You will like having a bunch of keys style places to buy supplies.
Bob N.

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Quick Stop for Food

Plan on a lot urges when you're down here dealing with the warmer temperatures and humidity. They're all kinds are really good places around the island with sweet treats such as ice cream bars, sherbet, gelato, and ice cold beer to go. Do not be too picky with the way things look from the outside of the store that you're approaching. Even some of the most famous restaurants in town do not look necessarily that great from the outside. Convenience is the key and the price needs to be low. The store will hook you up with everything that you're probably will need from your hotel or something that you might have forgotten. Just about anyone staying within three or four blocks of the store will go in here at least a couple of times during your vacation.

Ellsworth T.

Caroline Street Market

900 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040-6637

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