All about the Sealife

All about the Sealife

So fun was the trip and tour of the Key West Aquarium. It just adds into the fantastic nature education of the Florida Keys. We love the cool stuff that shows the light into the City of Key West, the history of this island is so interesting. Do get your local attraction tickets online with the promo code to save a few dollars.
Ina T.

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Get your tickets online and save, then we will see you at the Key West Aquarium entrance at opening time. This little gem is a piece of history, it really is more like an aquarium museum. This is one of the first attractions that the city built, and even today you will see some of the Florida's most intriguing and exotic sea creatures. The Atlantic Ocean is filled with neat things and here is the place to learn about it. Kids will find all most beneficial, especially the younger ones. Learn about the spectacular marine life and Underwater world that surrounds South Florida. It is a lot better to go ahead and get your ticket discounts by using the online promo code Aqua center, which will get you a 20 percent discount. My favorite part was being able to watch as sharks and turtles enjoy their lunch. You do not get to touch every single critter as some will bite. Being up close and near moray eels, turtles, jelly fish, and Barracuda is darn cool. What makes it all work are the tropical fish and the knowledgeable guides which offer an inside look into the life of the critters. Find this good time at the popular Conch Tour Train trolley stop or one whitehead street. Some of the things we liked best in town includes Cityview Trolley, Audubon House, Mel Fisher's Museum, Sloppy Joe's, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

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Key West Aquarium

1 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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