Relocating to Big Pine Key

Relocating to Big Pine Key

Moving to Big Pine Key was all about the job for me. As a born and raised Florida resident, the Florida Keys were always special for weekend getaways. Moving down and being single is probably a bit tougher than those with a family. I do live alone, and have so since most of the time since manatee high school in Bradenton. Even people that are married with five kids can be lonely, as doing tasks or just being in the same room or house, does not mean they are not lonely. When you get on a full sized pc, you have to look at this map of,+big+pine+key,+florida+33043 where I moved to on Big Pine Key. Pan out slowly with the minus button to see how isolated eugene road on Big Pine Key is in the middle of the ocean. It was five miles up Key Deer Boulevard just to get to the Overseas Highway at thirty miles per hour. The police ticket to protect the deer, so no speeding. That means it was ten minutes just to get to the main road. I drove the outstanding thirty mile scenic drive to work every day in Key West, which back then had no traffic lights the whole way, now there are two!

Key to it all is join groups, clubs, the Big Pine Key softball league, and get into a fishing group. This is a fantastic place to live, one just has to have the correct prospective. Smile at everyone, go to cafe to make friendships will happen on this island with all kinds of people and they might not be the same age. Lots of good people stop and enjoy the juice bar each day. This is an island of friends, so come on down. The Chamber folks are great about helping, so do call them and stop in often. Yeah to Big Pine Key and life's training pleasures!
Monica A.

Big Pine Key

Eugene Road
Big Pine Key FL 33043

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