Hotels Along the Overseas Highway Bicycle Trail

Hotels Along the Overseas Highway Bicycle Trail

I was very impressed with the property, and the money being spent to improve. The location works well if you are going to take advantage of the Overseas Highway Bicycle Trail. Being only about a mile from the main city center party zone is really nice. I would call and ask what the exact temperature is in the hotel pool, with 83 to 86 being ideal.
Sharon L.

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Waterfront Hotels Are the Way to Go

Dips in the pool are really refreshing and give you a big boost in between the major fishing or boating trips. It is very fun to put the chairs in a foot of water and drink cocktails with the family at sunset.

Garth Z.

Hotel on the Waterfront

We loved this hotel, a winner. The Florida Keys ads started here this week, just as it got hot and the tourists leave the islands. Sea stars pizza in Naples made the new way just like the giant slice pizza shop recipe, which is rare. The Paesanos flyer comes out on Wednesday and I will let you know what I will buy for the grill, and you can give me your opinion.

Randi E.

Coconut Bay Resort

97770 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-2228

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