Southern Tip Islamorada Marina Bar

Southern Tip Islamorada Marina Bar

Neat spot to hit on the far southern side of Islamorada Florida Keys. They have kayaks, tours, Boat Rentals, a Beach Bar, and restaurant. We love the cool diversity of recreational watersports and marine activities.

What could be better than and adventure on the dock where all ages will be huge on smiles. I had no idea when stopping over here around mile marker seventy-seven or maybe it's mile marker seventy-eight is a fantastic thing to see. It's on the right side as you're heading down on the Overseas Highway just as you are leaving the main part of Islamorada.

What you get to mile marker eighty and Tea table key, it starts to get a little more isolated and there's a boat ramp on the right. Just a little bit further over one or two of those small bridges is this fantastic Marina and you will see it.

Pull in and enjoy the show. Just make sure you stop somewhere else for the bathrooms further up the road, as that's one of their negatives. It's a great Kayaking launch area but don't use the bathrooms!
Ines P.

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Overseas Highway Pitstop

This is another good pit stop spot when cruising your way down towards the lower keys. The bar and tackle shop are very popular with the locals.

Despite the shortcomings, it's a top ten must do in the Florida Keys. Please Robbie's Marina, build a modern and superclean bathroom like they have at Disney World! You're making a mint of money, give some back to the people. Even the employees comment about the restrooms!

Milo V.

Florida Keys Kayak Rental

Very good Florida Keys Kayak Rental, the location is spot on for nature viewing.

Chrystal O.

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We stopped on the way down at the Pilot House Restaurant and then here for the zany goings on. Check out our favorite ways to experience watersports in the Florida Keys. Just the best spot to play in the Sunshine State. Get wet and Swim with the Dolphins, taste the flavors of seafood, soak in the sunset party culture and more.

Amparo H.

Robbie's Marina

77522 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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