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It was our first trip to stay in the Upper Florida Keys and we had a fine time at Rock Reef. Key Largo itself turned out to be a wildly fun place to explore and the water options are so cool. After many trips to Marathon and Key West, we equally love the experience here.

Yes, Key Largo is just as good for all the water sports, diving, beach bars and cocktails. It only misses the concentration, all walkable like the City Center of Key West. Perfect for backcountry fishing, snorkel play, and live music. We are now New Fans of the Upper Keys Lodging. All Good for a Family Trip.

Good area for sure, with most of the Party Spots close by. Just to the south is Mile Marker 96 and the Silver Shores community (good spot) on the oceanside. You can also rent at Buttonwood Bay. Vacations to Mile Marker 98 are prime time.
Craig P.

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Value Hotel

Oh yes is it a fine location with all the goodies. I am happy as soon as we hit the Overseas Highway. Beach bars is what we like best. Simple pleasures make it all so nice! Love the fishing and kayak travel in the mangrove trails. Vacations down where Florida begins are my top choice. It was nice to find a Value Hotel.

Florine Q.

Key Largo has the Hotel Bargains

Rock Reef is excellent and packages a good value. It is nice being near so many good restaurants. Digiorgio's has a bunch of excellent Italian dishes. We can talk about the this trip this weekend. I would like to talk about the pros and cons. Plus let me do some research.

Edwina A.

Rock Reef

97850 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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