Live Music Rum Bar

The creators of the Rum Barrel sure came up with something extra fun, zany, and unique. Casual sure works in the Florida Keys, is there any other way to tour the islands. The Mahi-Mahi salad, crab cakes, and island tacos were just outstanding. Fish tacos are so big in Key West, they are so appetizing. Upstairs or downstairs, take your pick of adult beverages, this is a Rum Bar!
Van V.

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Picking Your Style of Homemade Nachos

You cannot go wrong with the portobello mushroom sandwich or the black & blue tuna melt. Also, I like the way you can choose your style of Nachos: Carne style (beef), Goombay style (bbq pork), or Philly style (chopped rib-eye steak).

Desmond C.

Love the Nightly Drink Specials

You can watch sports or the people cruising by and do the drink specials. On the corner of Simonton Street and Front Street.

Bennie O.

Get a Giant Smoked Turkey Leg

Two people or more can split the Giant Smoked Turkey Leg. Get that with a basket of fries and it is just perfect with cold beer. The crab cake sandwich is good here too.

Tracie Q.

Beer Bar Winner

The games are on inside at the bar. What a spot to eat and watch football. It's fourth-quarter time and things are getting very exciting. What a great game it has been and now it is nailbiting time. I called on the phone but your voicemail picked up, as you probably want to watch the last few minutes of the game if you're not too busy. Just a friendly message if you're interested. Next up we are heading to Something New and tasty" class="comment-more5">Go for something new and tasty as stop two.

Danielle V.

Rum Barrel

528 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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