Sadowski Causeway Bridge Boating

Sadowski Causeway Bridge Boating

Until we tried it for ourselves, we did not know if a boat could make it under the Sadowski Causeway Bridge. I took this photo to show you how it looks typically as a boat goes under. For sure only recreational style boats with a low profile can make it safely. The tide really pumps through the waterway big time, so be on your game to not get pushed wide. The boat ramp back over on The Other Side of the Holiday Inn Express is where to launch your boat in Key Colony Beach and north Marathon. This is a prime area to kayak under the little bridge and there are few more as you pass by Cocoa plum. Curry Hammock Park is a nice round trip from here on kayaks. When going to Curry Hammock, go under the bridges down and oceanside on the return. Take a scenic round trip and you too will go under the Sadowski Causeway Bridge!
Dalton J.

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I love that photograph of the boat going under the sadowsky causeway. It appears like they got a chance to make it. Maybe they don't make it, there's not much clearance with that center console. Those kids needed duck down, especially that guy in the blue shirt. Kayaks go right through here without even thinking about it. Back here in tarpon bay the shallow water is something you have got to pay attention to, unless you're paddling at your leisure on a kayak. There's a lot of boater friendly restaurants within a couple of miles of this particular location. We took this photo when staying at the Coral Lane Rental Unit, a great choice for a boater friendly middle keys vacation.

Kim T.

Sadowski Causeway Bridge

Sadowski Causeway
Key Colony Beach FL 33050
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