Key Largo Party Boat

Key Largo Party Boat

This was one of the best things we did during our Florida Keys vacation. The whole experience was much better than anticipated. It starts with the boat ride out, which is excellent on its own. Come out when the Sailors Choice is returning from a trip to see what is biting. Typically, plenty of edible fish are caught on the trip. You get to take your fish fillets home and eat them, it is a blast!
Latonya K.

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Using the Fish to Eat

I wonder if we can keep any fish caught frozen or very cold using the Bayside Inn Suite refrigerator. I will bring some freezer bags.

Caitlin H.

Daily Party Boat Fishing Trips

We had no idea that regular people like us could catch so many fish, our experience is very limited. The crew sets you up and does the dirty work (taking the fish off the hook). A four-hour boat trip like this is so fun, just go out when the weather works for you.

Nola L.

Fishing is Everyday Living

The boat is huge and very fast. Everyone will enjoy this voyage and all the excitement that occurs during the day.

Gilbert A.

Sailors Choice

99701 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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