South Beach at Upper Duval

You need to just spend about an hour and really observe everything that goes on at this unique spot on the island. We enjoy cooling off in the water and watching all the action which occurs on the land and water. The pedal-cabs turn around right here so you can hear the ding-ding of their horns while you are in the water. When the train goes by the sounds of the tour guide will make it to your ears. This beach is entertaining, with an outstanding Cafe for nourishment and cocktails!
Kate J.

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Each Trip Brings New Experiences

What a dreamy Florida Keys Day, just hanging out and enjoying much play. Whether it's fishing or swimming, sunning or more, there is much to do here in Key West, for sure.

Ronnie C.

Upper End of Duval Street

What a place to have a drink and take a swim at the same time. I love the Southernmost Cafe, that area is so scenic. There is a lot of neat things on Upper Duval Street.

Johnnie T.

South Beach

1405 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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